Friday, May 09, 2008


They're Bats

Something's killing the bats in New York state and Vermont, and we're concerned.

Bats winter over in caves and abandoned mines and return to their outdoor spots in spring and summer, where they perform the valuable service of eating zillions of insects, largely mosquitoes.

It's scary to hear that scientists are finding caves full of dead bats, tens of thousands of them, in what are their usual overwintering places. I can't imagine going through a Vermont summer without their help.

Nobody knows what's responsible for these mass deaths. The bats have powdery white stuff on their cute little noses, obviously Not a Good Sign.

I'm tempted to blame the whole epidemic upon global warming, but that's not scientific... just my usual progressive paranoia.

In any case, think good thoughts for the bats. I went out and bought extra mosquito coils, since I live near one of the bat-caves.

Think good thoughts for our bat-friends. We need 'em.

Yikes. Are they being poisoned, or is this a disease? Honeybees are also dying off - and both bees and bats are essential to the environment.
Oh my, on first glance at the photo I thought they were diseased toes!
I am not a huge bat fan but I don't wish them any ill will.
I thought it was some kind of this is so strange....kind of like the bees...
I think we should gather up all the dead bats n' bees and other critters killed by environmental pollution and deposit them on the White House lawn.
Like so many other ills that herald from the past, commercial insecticides -- or seeds treated with them -- migrating through the food chain will probably be the culprit.
BTW, I keep bat houses. There is no finer fertilizer than guano.
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