Friday, May 16, 2008


5 Ideas for Creamed Corn

Not that there are many readers around to witness it, but I'm in a sort of blog decline.

It's been triggered by an endless primary season and enhanced by a series of disasters that I can't do a damn thing about.

Suddenly these little posts seem especially impotent.

Add to that the spring fever that envelops me at this time of year. We are currently waiting for the arrival of our greenhouse, a long
anticipated event. I had one in California and used to consider it the ultimate playhouse. Everything seemed to fall away once I was inside, fiddling with my seedlings and such. You can't control the response of the Myanmar... or Burmese... government to offers for international aid. Hell, you can't even control the name of the damn country. You can't keep the children of China safe from the movement of tectonic plates. But you can water your seedlings.

So I'm feeling withdrawn from the blogosphere at the moment. The most fun I've had blogging recently was on our library blog, doing the lost and found fashion show. It reunited one kid-patron with a hat!

The greenhouse is making its way across this nation of ours in a big ol' truck. The suspense is killing me.

I'm hoping your obsession with gardening (and I recall how great you are at it) doesn't put you into a prolonged blogging lapse.
It wouldn't be fair to get us hooked and then leave us to fend for ourselves.
Besides, you opened the door and now you owe us those 5 ideas for creamed corn.
Oh, yes you do.
oh heck Lulu, its good to take a break , the blogoverse shall go on without anyone of us, and thank goodness for that ! Oh a greenhouse, i am officially green with envy - what great fun and food..

yes so many things are simply out our sphere of control,they generate deep angst in many of us, tears shed, prayers uttered as we go to sleep in our homes, and warm beds..and feel so lucky ..and we are.

Enjoy the spring and summer Lulu and not to worry I won't forget to take my medicine.
A greenhouse--- oooh! Literl shelter from the storm. Nice to be able to get seedlings going & stick your tongue out at weird weather & frosts. Ha ha my tomatoes are sheltered you rogue frosts! Maybe you could even get away with somehearty winter crops (Kale & such) if
you nurture them along in the greenhouse?
But you are right.... it is a place of peace & hope. Enjoy!
Well, don't quit yet. I've tagged you. Details at my place.

You've hit exactly on a point that has been on my mind a lot. That's why I haven't been around much. I love you, and you are one of my favorite bloggers, but this declination in blog readership globally has rendered me somewhat puny feeling.

I think what makes me feel better is something you should take to heart: the merits of fine writing find their own level; and, if you have something to add to the conversation writ large, and can adequately manipulate the medium chosen, there will always be someone who will pay attention.

Shine on you crazy diamond.

I've been blogging for seven years and I've had some dry spells, too.
Sooner or later a topic will arise that'll lure you back into it.
How 'bout that John Hagee?
Tapping toes bobble toys?
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