Monday, April 28, 2008


Making Irrelevance Unconstitutional

Since our current president believes that the Constitution is just a "goddamn piece of paper," I'm sure that he'll understand if some of us add an amendment or two.

I have always revered the Constitution, but in the past eight years I have found myself longing for a parliamentary form of government: you know, one in which a shadow government stands by should the people of a nation lose confidence in the current sideshow.

It's long overdue. Let's get parliamentary.

Just last week the estimable Princess Sparkle Pony posted a photo of some maimed soldiers who were posted on their recumbent bicycles before a Commander-in-Chief who ignored them while he squinted into an air horn he was holding. His underlings tittered at his antics.

If there were a shadow government worthy of the public trust, we could add these creeps to our high prison percentages.

Why isn't anyone speaking up on this war anymore? Hilary? Barack? Anyone? Does anyone have a plan? Anyone who remains, that is?

I know, I know. The chimp's irrelevant, but God, he's still with us, still so fuckin' toxic.

he is still here...too many days to go...fucking eternity...
The one thing that makes him preferable to having a flesh eating bacterial infection is the notion that we can safely predict when he'll be leaving for good.
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