Monday, April 21, 2008


I Stand Corrected

If only I'd known... I'd not have hooted in derision at all the fuss about Obama's refusal to wear a flag pin on his lapel. Okay, so McCain doesn't wear one, either, but that's to be expected. He wants to distance himself from Dubya so that he can keep on championing his war. It's a small price to pay. But when I realized that the flag pin on the lapel is a proud tradition dating back to the very birth of the Republic, my cheeks burned in shame.

George is the only American icon with a lapel at Mt. Rushmore, so he was able to wear his in the customary place. Tom, Teddy, and Abe, having been deprived of lapels, placed them on their heads, second best to the heart.

If it was good enough for Millard Fillmore, it ought to be good enough for the current crop of candidates. Teddy Roosevelt sported one before he even became president, which probably greased the skids for his candidacy.

I can only warn the present candidates that both God and the Devil are in the details.

Wear the pin! Your nation depends on it!

Isn't it so typical of the watered down intellect of the American public to hang so much on a fucking lapel flag?
Thanks for illuminating my point.
great wear should I stick it ?
okay that was rude of me...I can't help it...but honestly...

( Hill never wears one either..she does occasionally wear really ugly broaches...but I don't think that counts....and McSenile doesn't....and I don't think Reagon ever did...and Unca Dick only wears them to that should not count...)
Millard Fillmore, champion of the know-nothings practiced law in my hometown, East Aurora NY. He was a useless president who couldn't get elected. Remind you of anyone?
I saw a clip of Obama making a speech and was distressed to note he was wearing a flag pin.
I kinda liked that he refused to do it for so long, but I can surely understand why he went ahead and did it.
It tells me he's finally realizing just how much pandering a politician has to do to attract moronic voters.
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