Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Sweet Mystery of Moi

You'd think that after all these years of being acquainted with myself that I'd find myself more predictable.

Not so.

In our mutually accepting household we do not attempt to melt into an amorphous us. I have always cringed at the Imperial We that I have heard many couples use as a substitute for compatibility.

Therefore it didn't surprise me that my spouse was poised to vote for Obama, while I was going to vote for Hillary. When an Obama campaigner came to the door the other day, spouse cheerfully told her the state of our voting plans.

Today was the day, and off to the local high school gym we did go, the better to make our wishes known.

I'd settled into my little starred and striped booth and filled in the little oval next to Hillary's name. But I did a double-take at the names on the ballot.

There they still were: John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich, two guys I liked ever so much better than the two who remained. I sighed and went on to vote on the sections of the town ballot regarding public transit, allocations to community groups who provide valuable local services and so on. I stared blankly at the names of the select board candidates--we have the worst select boards-- voted for minor town and county functionaries (support your local constable!), then returned to the presidential primary ballot.

I looked again at Edwards and Kucinich and sighed. They'd never stood a chance with the big drama the media made out of the Hillary-Obama rivalry. It was strange--these two ended up in a dead heat more because their contest would make a better story, all full of historical significance and psychodrama.

I felt a wave of resentment rising, breaking, buoying me on some internal tide. I watched almost helplessly as I erased the filled in oval by Hillary's name. If she is the nominee in November, I will have no problem voting for her. Ditto Obama.

But for right now I was pissed about the media's wanton disregard of two good guys who deserved more consideration, not for the drama of the race but for the virtues of the policies I thought they would put into place.

I haven't heard much from John Edwards since he left the race, but Dennis's emails continue to pop up in my inbox. Nice boy, Dennis--still bothers to keep in touch. I like him standing next to his tall wife and smiling, too--entirely undiminished by her tall self. After another beat I filled in the oval next to Dennis's name. (I'm glad we weren't using voting machines... there's something visceral in wielding the pencil.)

I imagine that Obama will end up taking Vermont, and I guess that's fine. His organization has been busy here. I just know that when I saw that I had a couple of choices other than Barack and Hillary, I was unable to ignore them. I made Dennis my Prince Charming du Jour.

I won't go wild in November and vote for Ralph, but it sure felt nice to vote for someone I really, really liked.

I'll be more practical, less pure, in November.

I can forgive your reasoning. I wish to hell I could have voted for Dennis and it would have counted- but he wasn't on our Texas ballot.
As for your partner going for the Big O, I get it.
I have been considering sleeping with a certain someone after dodging her somewhat clumsy advances for years now, but just when we were on the verge of consumating things, she mentioned her plans to vote for McCain.
She's rich and she loves those unfair tax advantages. Too bad.
No soup for her!
Lulu..I voted for Dennis too! Here in Cali I was poised to write in one of my felines again when I spied his name down at the bottom. He was already out of the race by then..but I had wanted him first and formost..then Edwards after Dennis dropped out.

Nice to know I wasn't the only one. Thank you for this ;)
I was happy to hear today that he survived being primaried in his district and won't have to go back to living in his car.
Dennis will have to face the top vote getting Rethug in the general election..but I trust that the people will make the correct choice..we really do need Dennis in Congress.
Don't worry Dusty and Lulu we are doing all we can to help Dennis....( got rid of some of the asses running against him...many many campaigned here for him...and when I went canvassing for Obama...at many houses we also ended up talking about Dennis....it was a nice thing to know that he is really loved here....thank you for voting for him...)

( yes, I am an Obama supporter...but I have a heart...a soul..I miss Edwards and I miss Kucinich....I hope and pray in the NEXT administration they both have big roles....)
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