Thursday, March 13, 2008


Missing All the Fun

I've been down --way down-- with the flu for a week. It's really cramped my style.

Take ol' Elliott Spitzer: this pathetic Photoshop was the most I could come up with, then I fell back into bed. No snark, no nothin'.

While in bed I had lots of time to contemplate prostitution, alpha males who can't (or make no effort to) get along with others. It's so important to be nice to one's little friends. God, it was deep.

I thought about sex as sandbox, about the need for away time, perqs of power--all that sort of thing. I visited a Nevada brothel web site and watched some older babe pole dance in a struggle to regain her whatever. Profound.

You can see that I still Haven't Got It. I'm still too woozy for Deep Thoughts.

I do have to say that Elliott's woes were a welcome change from campaign coverage. I am so fucking bored. For the first time I've wished we had TV--but only on a temp basis, till I get my energy back. At my age I am aware that I have only so much time left, and I don't want my obit to read, "Lulu Maude: Saw Every Episode of 'Law and Order' Twice."

So I've pulled out my guitar and strummed. Watched both the "Dr. Who" DVDs I rented before I was Taken Ill. Read Eudora Welty on Katharine Ann Porter's fiction, then read Katharine Ann her own self. Contemplated starting a diary, then didn't.

Those L&O reruns don't sound half bad.

So Elliott, go ahead and screw up your life without me. Burn New York state, our neighbor next door. Piss off your wife, maybe terminally. Then resign and leave your successor wondering just how you do clean up the pit that is Albany politics.

Just don't expect any help from me.

Get well soon, Ms. Lulu. Don't you be harboring no RINOviruses or DINOviruses neither.
Honey, we could have been celebrating our 35th anniversary by now if you didn't have that stubborn aversion to television.
Ooops, gotta go, that show about a midget couple and their kids is coming on.
so sorry you were sick...and laugh out aloud at this pot and the lovely trubute photoshop...I guess My Gravestone might indeed read " saw Law and Order twice"....oh dear....

my true addiction at this point - Youtube....hmmm, I wonder if there is rehab for that...
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