Saturday, February 02, 2008


Thoughts on a Saturday

What fun(?) it's been listening to John McCain and Mitt Romney argue about who is the more conservative of the two. Talk about dubious distinctions!

Regular readers of this blog may note that I haven't indicated any recent preferences for Democratic candidates. John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich having failed to win any primaries, the choice between Hillary and Obama is more perplexing to me than I'd like it to be.

I just want someone who can beat either of the fools mentioned at the top of this post.

I fear that the Republican wrecking machine will dab gobs of wet stuff behind Obama's ears in attack ad campaigns that will leave voters with a virginal image of the man, complicated only by irrelevant and negative factoids. One of my Republican acquaintances greeted me the other day with the gloating question, "Guess what Obama's middle name is!"

Then there's the visceral dislike many people have of Hillary. It's of course composed mostly of misogynistic clich├ęs regarding her ambition, but the fact that our reactionary little nation may not yet be ready for a woman in the power position, or a black man, for that matter, still puts me on edge.

We simply cannot afford another Republican presence in the White House. We can't; the planet can't.

I received an email from a local radical this morning which painted all our representatives with the same dreary and suspicious brush. There's no difference, was his message. Once in power, all they do is join up into the vast conspiracy to keep themselves in power, the rest of us down.

Maybe. Maybe not. All I want at the moment is someone whose Supreme Court nominations will tip our last chances back into the Wacky World of reasonable discourse. That alone would be revolutionary after the past 7 years.

That may have to do for a while. We've had plenty of opportunity to view what this bunch has to "offer."

Hillary has the money and experience to handle the GOP slime machine far better than the dainty, sensitive Obama.
As a woman, I support the person who has more of a clue about the way women are treated in America.
Hillary's perceived hardness will be an asset to her in the general election race.
McCain* and his goons will know not to fuck with her too much, lest she start fucking back.

*I read recently that McCain is so damaged physically from his years of confinement, he cannot lift his arms high enough to comb his own hair. While I pity him for his disabilities, the resultant anger he obviously still has will not be an asset to his campaign, nor will his advancing age.
Nay, I am not in the Hillary camp & can't support her because of her voting record. She is a hawk, and worse, voted yes for the Kyle Lieberman bill re war in Iran. Did she not learn anything from the deadly Iran lied-into-war experience? She will not admit her decision was wrong (to invade a soverign nation), but takes it a step further into approving yet another war to add to the 2 we are already in?
I'm sorry that kind of "experience" we all would be better off without. Seriously.
At least Obama has global experience, is not entrenched, and as a political science major,
has a working understanding of different cultures and government structures. Perhaps he could bring back the art of diplomacy in World community relations? He would come to the table to talk & negotiate without the "war is on the table" preamble manure the bush camp touts as diplomacy. Hill has a proven record of being a spineless dem. I don't care what script she spouts off at the podium, her voting record speaks for itself.

I am sick of hearing people's prejudices rear their ugly heads... "can't vote for a person with the middle name of Hussein" "can a black man/or a woman be president, are we ready?".... As if the guy with the middle name "Walker" has built up any better karma because his name sounds more amerikkkan?
his is not reasoning, This is twisted fear mongering- race & gender are issues in the 21st century? Ugh!

Let's at least admit the men in power have really fucked things up.
If what we have at the helm now is the face of experience, I'll take alleged inexperience in a heartbeat.

As for McCain he seemed to be the most out of touch of all the republicrats. Another war monger president.... that is not even remotely funny.
Also, I prefer Hillary because the Clintons were more gay friendly than Obama seems to be.
I'm pretty sure the Obama's minister would frown upon them attending the annual HRC dinners in DC, but Bill and Hillary went almost every year.
I think we've had enough homophobia in the White House to last a lifetime.
Ugh! Clintons "gay friendly"???-
Was it not Bill Clinton that came up with the lame & insulting *don't ask don't tell" military policy?
I found that to be a cop out, disallowing the gay community basic respect & recognition.
I viewd that policy as telling people to hide their identity.
Curious to know what leads you to believe Obama would not be a gay rights advocate?
d'accord Mme. Lulu, we gotta go with the tools we got, however imperfect..
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