Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Taking the Kitty Cure

Fed up with the Huff Po's latest coverage of the Clinton-Obama awkwardness at Dubya's (thankfully!) last State of the Onion speech last night, I went from my little office to my spouse's, don't ask me why. I turned on her computer (my own soiled by such political nonsense) and found a new folder marked "kitties."

I've been a little envious of my friend Zippie's happy news that she is about to adopt a new kitten into her household, Jake, and I was curious as to what the Kitties folder contained on the spousal desktop.

Imagine my delight and surprise when I found this little honeybaby among many others!

Major Awwwwww!

I have less and less to blog about these days. Something of the Neglected Novel guilt.

It's not a good time for our own kitties. As they age, they are more and more Disinclined to venture out into the ice and snow, though my own Rudy does insist on walking with Maddie and me about once a day.

With all the ugliness in the (nonetheless beautiful) world, it's nice to pause and behold kitties.

Now I'm getting the hell out of the house to pay a little attention to the aforementioned NN.

Wish me luck. Better yet, whoosh me luck.

The anticipation I have of bringing home Baby Jake is nothing short of delicious.
I can just tell he's going to be a big cuddle boy with an ass the size of a canned ham.
That's an adorable kitty pic you posted. Awww.
ah Lulu, that pic is a major awww, it came out of my mouth the second it popped up. My oldest kittie pal will not tolorate a new baby. And out here , unfortunately they are like a lobster dinner for the coyotes..ugh sorry about that visual..and yes there are precautions one can and does take. My breaks over the barn kitties sometimes, but alas, it is not my property..etc. thanks for the cuteness.
I m wooshing you the best of luck!
Baby Jake had new pics taken today...
...and he can kick that little kitten's ass!
Baby Jake learned to use his little scratching box in just one lesson this weekend.
He's very smart.
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