Sunday, January 06, 2008


Democratic Doo-Wop

Ooh-wah, ooh-wah, cool, cool kitty
Talk about the boy from New York City...

We're all weary from those snarky debate cross talk and campaign ads, but here we see the potential for Democrats to pull it together, making Democratic Doo-wop:

The Penguins.. the Moonglows..
the Oreos.. and Five Satins...

We've got to hold on to some harmony, some sense of shared values. Gotta watch them egos!

Tuesday should be interesting.

There should be a law that says anyone a candidate points at during campaigning must stand and be formally recognized.
It'll cut down on those just pretending they have friends in the audience.
Sweet Lu,

Sadly, the only black singers we'll see for the Republicans will be on stage at the convention and Alan Keyes when his meds kick in.

Happy New Year to you and your readers.


p.s. the ZDD 2008 predictions are out. Please slide by to see the future!
Its here Tuesday and we are watching something very historic. I am all a flutter !

happy new yr to you and yours lulu maude !
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