Saturday, December 15, 2007


Pumped Up On America... and High on Life!

It's a good thing that George W. Bush isn't a baseball player.

As President, he works at a job that requires no drug testing.

Since Bush himself consumes extraordinarily high levels of testosterone, (follow link in headline) he would have a hard time with the major leagues, or with cyclist organizations, or any other sport demanding a certain biochemical integrity.

It was fun to listen to him preach to the ball players who popped up in the Mitchell report:

"I understand the impact that professional athletes can have on our nation's youth," he said. "I just urge those in the public spotlight, particularly athletes, to understand that when they violate their bodies, they're sending a terrible signal to America's youth."

The president's comments were necessarily shallow, since he hasn't the faintest idea why steroids aren't a good idea for athletes. He probably views the rules against them as one more form of guv'mint interference.

Of course, we've all become so hardened off to the arrogance of professional athletes that fans reported the Mitchell Report contained few if any surprises for them. Nobody's reputation seems to be in jeopardy, even as a tearful Marion Jones was stripped of her Olympic medals a couple of weeks back.

I guess taking loads of testosterone doesn't have the same impact on the nation's youth when it's the President as Consumer-in-Chief. Or does it?

Aside from enhancing the Presidential Basket in the Mission Accomplished flight suit, perhaps those extra steroids contribute to the bellicosity for which the US has become notorious.

America, I fear that we're dying.

Yes, 'roid rage as foreign policy... suddenly the last seven years make sense. Praise Him!
I really doubt Bush does 'roids.
I think he's impotent, and that's what's causing all his thirst for death and destruction.
He got into them --guess how?-- through baseball. It's cool with his family... they prefer it to coke.

I don't know why--it's the real thing.
Dick is impotent; Dubya's on steroids. It makes for a better balanced administration.
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