Monday, December 24, 2007


Slouching Towards Bethlehem

What's that they say about when you can't get transcendence you need it most of all? Well, maybe not in those words, but you get the idea.

With my spouse out of commission, I have spent the last couple of weeks on the run. She is a remarkably productive person otherwise, so when she's down and I pick up her end of things I realize anew what a dynamo she is.

In the meantime we have me huffing and puffing to keep the basic functions functioning, as it were. So I am not writing much (if at all) and wouldn't have much to say if I were. At the moment the best thing for me to be writing is lists of to-dos.

It's no wonder that I'm filled with tacky political thoughts rather than contemplations on a brooding Consciousness that hovers benevolently over us all. No (ah!) bright wings. We brought in the Christmas tree and then were too damned tired to decorate it.

Never mind. We still have our Commander in Chief busy, busy, busy, first presenting a Purple Heart to some poor guy at Walter Reed who looks ready to bite the hand that pats him.

Then there's the exciting banner over at the Huffington Post which announces that Dubya, concerned about the image of the US abroad, will undertake heavy travel in order to mend fences and restore trust and all that sort of thing. What a way to improve our image, wot?? Here he is heading up the stairs of Air Force One, although I think he looks more as if he is pissing on them.

Dubya traveling around the globe to Make Nice: isn't that a picture?

The other day at work a colleague who is friendly with a Pretty Famous Author told me that she'd (the PFA) been in Texas for a big-ass banquet of some sort and had ended up sitting next to Bush 41, who turned out to be every bit as shallow as his sonny boy. He couldn't keep his hands to himself (PFA is really nice looking for a grown-up) and proceeding to inquire about Dartmouth College's historical interest in Native Americans and then to yap ignorantly about the shortcomings of their culture (as if he knew anything about it). I guess he thought he was Among Friends, though the PFA was too absorbed in trying to get him to keep his hands to himself and therefore was in no position to correct him on his pathetic discourse.

It was interesting to me that our kinder, gentler picture of Bush 41 has been muted by Sonny
Boy's mischief. The apple, indeed. He is, after all, the asshole who made the cynical nomination of Clarence Thomas to succeed Thurgood Marshall.

So for now I will wish you a holiday filled with blessings and hope that in the midst of tomorrow's craziness (just getting the wheelchair into the house should qualify as serious isometric exercise) a ray of wisdom will pierce my dull little brain.

Cuddle for peace!

Wheelchairs & presidents & holiday cheer- Oh My!
Just remember, cyber friend, to put things like relax & have a drink on your to do list. figure out what stuff you can do without, so all those chores don't do you in! So far we've embraced the *simplify* mode for the holiday... in part out of sheer burn out, but also just can't relate. It's hard to be festive with so much shit hitting the proverbial fan. But cutting back, taking it down a few notches & adios to a whole lot of stress.
Happy Christmas and a Merry Holiday Lulu..

Or if your like me..enjoy the day off ;)
I have been out of touch, so tell me, what has happened to your spouse? Are things better now? I am sending my healing wishes to her and my relaxing wishes to you.
That pic of Bush patting the head of a seriously injured Iraqi war veteran is so insulting.
You gotta love the glare the vet is giving the Chimp-in-Chief.
"Thanks for the Purple Heart, you draft dodging imbecile..."
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