Wednesday, December 12, 2007


It's All About Priorities

I must be the only blogger who isn't disdainful of Larry Craig's presence at the global warming conference in Bali.

Unlike Princess Sparkle Pony and other cyber-glitterati, I am thrilled that a politico as powerful as Craig is attending the event. I know that Mitch McConnell and Trent Lott (well, Mitch, anyway... Lott is outa there come January, no doubt to milk the contacts he's made in all these years of Service) are sitting on the edges of their chairs awaiting his report. "Tell us, Larry," I can hear them begging, subtly keeping their feet away from his, "Tell us what the rest of the world needs to do. We are so concerned about global warming."

Or not. I hope that Larry has a very nice time. He may get a little multicultural opportunity over there. Did he take his wife, or does this trip provide him with a sweet final junket and an opportunity to bond with the Balinese in ways that are too personal to mention?

Of course, any attendance at all is perfunctory. Former UN Ambassador and Bush stalwart John Bolton announced recently that no one knew what the proper temperature for the Earth should be.

So it makes sense to send poor Larry Craig out upon the People's Bidness. His presence is a perfect statement of the respect that the Bush Administration has for the issue of global warming.

John Bolton's remark reminds me of a political cartoon I saw recently-- it pictured a Biology book that said "King James Version". Implying science is just a matter of interpretation.

As for Larry, he probably just needed some Island time away from the heat of the press. The Bush presidency only smiles & nods @ global warming anyway, since they put profit as a priority, so to them it does not much matter who they send.
Global warming or anything environmentally responsible is *off the table* for the decider.
Larry will no doubt take a wide stance on this policy issue. I am so glad he is attending and deeply disappointed that other environmental policy wonks in our administration have decided to blow this off. I guess their plates were too full, but at least Larry is earning his keep. Bottoms up Larry! Don't let them get away with lame hand gestures, this one is for keeps.
Call me a pessimist but I somehow doubt Larry Craig is into ethnic types. He's from Idaho, after all, and there aren't many darkies there to develop a taste for.
No, I think Larry is in Bali hoping some young white American pages or interns came along on the trip.
On the other side of the glory hole, who cares?
There's a great old blues song called "It Don't Make No Difference in the Dark."
I don't think Larry would appreciate a smallish brown coctail weiner when he's used to big white American spuds.
That's all I'm sayin'.
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