Thursday, November 15, 2007


A Special Present for Condi

According to Princess Sparkle Pony, it's Condoleeeeeezzzzza's 53rd birthday.

I was so upset when I first read about it--was sure that I'd forgotten and had nothing to give the Great Lady.

Silly me. I have to add parenthetically that I have a habit of shopping early and then forgetting the whereabouts of my largesse for my loved ones, thereby missing The Date.

So it is with Condoleeeeezzzzza. Knowing that the nights get long and her Husband can't always be near, I found this Presidential Substitute for her at a bargain bin.

Sweet dreams, Dr. Ferragamo!

Oh and look! This one has no brain, either!
Ohhhhh the presedential seal- what's it called again? The Official Circle of Corruption?
She looks soooo happy.
He is quite handsome. I am sure she is quite pleased.
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