Friday, November 09, 2007


Advice du Jour

From my inbox:

What's happening Lulu
forget the 1 liners that dont work, just show em your c pu oc tqd k

Leroy Stephenson

I like your really big cock. Was this natural or did you use enhancers?/
Stop on by to attend the latest big tent party.
I am intrigued with this photoshop.
The email is:
Who is Leroy Stephenson?
I don't like his tone.
Thanks for the photoshop.
Leroy is a guy who hasn't had a lot of luck with the power of the word... so he drags that poor rooster with him when he goes to bars.

Poor bastard. Poor rooster.
Hey, Leroy's comment has too many syllables for haiku. Can't he count?
Not only can he not count, he can't read the rules, neither.
Lulu that is truly impressive !!!
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