Wednesday, October 03, 2007


More DC

I'm sitting in the Mocha Hut, a great place for breakfast in the Logan Circle area. As I said in yesterday's post, this is Duke Ellington country. In fact, the very wi-fi that makes this post possible comes from the Ellington Building next door. I just downed another plate of the Tuscan breakfast--a slice of roasted portabello mushroom, scrambled eggs with provolone, and two slices of polenta. Ecstasy! Truly something we can't get at home.

Sitting here makes me think of that exchange in Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing. How come you ain't got no brothas on the wall? Lots of brothers on this wall--several paintings of Marvin Gaye on one wall, Jimi Hendrix on the other. Even Dorothy Dandridge stands behind this unbelievably handsome guy romancing his Blackberry. (The picture can't do him justice, but I don't want to piss him off with repeated flashes.)

Should you ever come to DC in search of a pleasant and reasonable place to stay, I recommend Logan Circle. Nice old buildings, great food. The guest house in which we're staying, Cardozo Guesthouse, is reasonable, lovely, on a nice residential street. Decorated handsomely with African masks.

Tonight's our last night--we're going to see a play by Fugard in the Studio Theater. We went to a reading of a play by
Lanford Wilson there last Saturday, and it was great. A lovely place, and in walking distance, too.

I must make the most of this last day in DC. Yesterday I hopped a bus out to the Anacostia area in search of St. Elizabeth's hospital, which figures into what Anne Lamott would refer to in her book on writing, Bird by Bird as my Shitty First Draft of a novel. As it turns out, St E is being taken over by the Department of Homeland Security, or at least the older part of the campus is, the part with the great view of the confluence of the Anacostia and Potomac rivers, the part with the historical buildings of where soldiers in the Civil War were given treatment. The general public will never see them again, no doubt.

Anyway, I must be doing something right, Annie! It really is a shitty first draft!

When I grow up I wanna be you.
You have some power-packed stuff up here.. and I really like it. Very nice photographs too.
I used to take that bus out to St. E's all the time when my homeless clients were hospitalized. There are trees planted on that campus from around the world.
You were in my old stomping ground! I used to live at Dupont, 19th and T. DC is so beautiful this time of year.
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