Thursday, October 04, 2007


Bits of Thirst

As I came home last night and shuffled through my photos, I did find a vein to mine or pierce or whatever one does with veins these days. I borrow the title Bits of Thirst from that estimable collection of poems by Jack Marshall of over 20 years ago… most of us could use a cool drinka water. The inhabitants of DC are like the rest of us, only more so, what with that free speech and all:

Taxation Without Representation—what’s more un-American than that? It’s enough to get tea dumped in harbors. It’s actually on DC license plates here, and I wonder how advocates ever pushed it through. Of course, there are a few Celebrate and Enjoy DC plates on very late model Cadillacs, but Tax w/o Rep is much more standard. All these uppity Democrats trying to get a voice. Folks in DC pay federal taxes and then have no say in how much the District will get, nor how what they do get will be spent. Stickers calling attention to this are common on trash cans in the neighborhoods, but not down in the Capitol area. The sign says DC Ballot Box: Your Votes Go Here!

Shopworn Communism—We saw this chipped Lenin on the front of a building that didn’t look as if it had been rented lately. Still nice to see an old image powering the people. I want to say to the politicians: remember the people?

Rule of Law?!?--I met the gentleman down in front of the Justice Building. He’s been there for over some time, trying to get some action on what he says are his share of profits from his patents. He had a row of red-lettered boards stating his case, topped with American flags, and bagpipes blasted from a little boombox.

His grievances weren’t always coherent to the casual observer, but his passion was heartfelt. Along with the patents was something about his sister’s kidney and Mother Theresa and her successor. He wanted to give them the millions in income that his patents had generated. Ashcroft wasn’t interested; neither was Little Al. I don't think that the new guy will be, either. Remember--it all starts at the top.

Me, I like a series of red-lettered billboard that uses at least one “turdhead” on them.

Power Pets Only, Pleeze--Not far from the Justice Building is the Commerce Department, which seems to have influenced the selection of entertainment at the National Aquarium next door. At the Monterey Bay Aquarium of my homeland, we gather to watch the feeding of the sea otters. I guess so close to K Street, an emphasis on sharks, piranhas, and alligators was inevitable. What do they feed them? Visitors' poodles? Eeeek. Better to save the otters for Cute with Chris. These are certainly not kinder nor gentler times.

So that’s my little slice of DC. The people were lovely, especially in the neighborhoods, the sights singular.

I miss y’already.

It's home we go to object strenuously to the bombing of Iran! (Read Seymour Hersch's article in this week's New Yorker to behold the administration's thinking (or lack of it) justifying the attack on Iran. Cheney's back to writing fiction.)

I wanna go with you next time. M'kay? I think I'll have some free time soon...
Great post.
Oh yeah, the old bomb Iran clan. Today a crawler on the tele showed Nuclear Standoff with Iran. It was as though they had nukes pointing at us and Bush and Cheney and Gates and Pickles were all taking turns hovering their shaky finger over the button. "OMG, they are going to lob a nuke at us, should we nuke 'em first. I dunno, Pickles, it is your turn. My finger is tired." "Oh, Condi, that is what you always say and I am not buying it this time. Let Dick do it for you."
great post...really made me laugh and I just read Pursey above...lordy I hate This Regime...Mommy make it stop....soooooon....
wow i just saw via google video the movie (in segments called zeitgeist) its a must see. If you have time. it really is..on youtube its in segments on google it can play right through for some. War mongers, the fed reserve, the NWO - its a documentary compelling to watch .time will fly and it strips away many of our illusions..unfortunately after seeing you may never have the hope you had for the changes we want to see..for well over 100 yrs the agenda has been war..We the people just don't count..never really did.

sorry to be such a buzz kill
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