Wednesday, September 05, 2007


What's Worse than a Closeted Gay Republican? A Straight One (or Two)

Oh dear oh dear oh dear... Now Larry Craig is looking into restoring his glorious Senate career, hoping to slime his way out of the potty-naughty he was headed into, and these estimable people on his right are attempting to guard that august legislative and deliberative body from his presence.

I am sure that Larry conducted himself admirably in the cloakroom. It's all those plumbing fixtures that get him so excited.

I agree with the folks who acknowledge the fundamental silliness of the Minneapolis Potty Patrol. It's a sorry use of public funds to install officers in toilets hoping to hear the proper toe-tapping rhythms. But a letter to the Editor of the NY Times acknowledges that these are signals that have been honed over a long period of time to communicate very specific agendas.

In the meantime, take a look at these noble guardians of Senate decency. I can see 'em on Sunday morning, humble as hell with carnations in their lapels, ready to guide you to your pew.


They're obscene. Mr. Slow-Country-Dance on the bottom (no pun intended) is quite cute by comparison.

They are looking so happy because they heard Larry Craig may not resign after all. Still, they are taking precautions not to let any errant penises get past their lips.
Hey... Larry looks a lot like Big Dick Cheney.
Did you read about Larry's step children? The son's a wife beater and the daughter is an ex-husband hating, trespassing, property destroyer.
Good Lord. I read about Larry's step-daughter but knew nothing about his step-son being a wife beater. Lulu, I must say that if I went into a airport bathroom and it was a sex market I would want the police to put a stop to it. I travel a lot and when I have to potty I do not want to see folks grappling in the neighboring stall. Airport bathrooms are gross enough.
Wonderful post, they are all quite sickening.
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