Friday, September 14, 2007


Who's Yer Daddy?

W: Howdy, General. It's great to see yer straight-shootin' self.

GP: Mr. President, Mr. Commander-in-Chief, it's my pleasure.

W: It is a pretty big thrill for ya, isn't it? Heh! Heh! Workin' directly with the President of These Yew-nited States! Whoo hoo!

GP: Whoo hoo, Mr. President! I'm all a-tingle.

W: Well, let's get on the bull and ride, son. I told the American people I was waitin' for your report coincidentally presented on September 11, and I told 'em I'd do what you told me to do. So here goes! What're you gonna tell your ol' Commander-in-Chief to do? 'Cause I've sworn to Do It. Just tell me--what am I gonna do?

GP: Whatever you want, Mr. Commander-in-Chief.

W: Who's yer daddy, General Straight-Shooter?

GP: You are, Mr. Commander-in-Chief.

W: Who can piss your career down a hole faster than you can say Fallujah?

GP: You can, Mr. President.

W: What'm I gonna do, General. Remember, yer gonna tell me what. Then I'm a-gonna dew it!

GP: Whatever you want, Mr. President.

W: (ruffles Petraeus's hair) Yep, that's what I do best. Whatever I dang well please!
(to the American people, jabs thumbs up) Mission accomplished, once a-gin!

AIDE IN BACKGROUND: Gosh! They're so good together!

all a-tingle..snort :P
Poor Betrayus- what a lousy way to end a career.
End a career!?, i read the uniformed fuckwit wants to be president. Goddesses help us all.
They are good together. A real Mutt and Jeff, those two are. I see the pictures below of his great love affair with Lil Joe. I must read more.
For the completely ridiculous, you can visit my blog, Confessions of a Stunt Bride, as inspired by No at Oops, I did it again!
Time to freshen up, Lulubelle.
He could end his life with the stroke of a peeyan!
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