Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sunday at Dog Mountain

It was a beautiful Sunday, made for a hike. We wanted to get out with our Maddie dog, and we wanted her to be welcome. Very welcome! So we headed up the interstate for an hour's drive north to Dog Mountain, Stephen Huneck's salute to the special connection that dogs and humans share.

Huneck was once gravely ill, and his golden retriever was a major support in his fight for his life. When he recovered, the connection fed his art, and his art fed the idea of a place to show his gratitude.Hence, Dog Mountain and its Dog Chapel.

The chapel is
very funny and sweet, and lots of people snuffle their way around its rooms, since besides its art, visitors are invited to post pictures and memories of their own special critters. We posted a reminiscence of our own, late Sula-dog last time. Very satisfying to share.

We hiked the wildflower trail (mostly asters and goldenrod at this time of year). Maddie found some nice muddy ruts in the old logging road to roll in, which necessitated a swim in one of the two ponds on the mountain. There she romped with other dogs and tried to maintain possession of a tennis ball she'd found on the trail. Sculptures of dogs ...and cats... and birds... are everywhere.

Huneck's art is sweet and whimsical. He has a great series of picture
books for kids, along with prints and mugs and tee shirts. Good giftie-stuff for any of your dog-loving chums. I drove my very sleepy dog and spouse home through the darkening colors of autumn. Wonderful day!

(Pictures: top--spouse and Maddie-dog; entrance to Dog Chapel; stained
glass window in chapel, steeple required of all New England dog chapels)

What a nice read to start my day.
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