Friday, September 28, 2007


Phony Soldiers Want Peace

Sucking on his signature large tobacco dick, Rush Limbaugh declared that soldiers who have come to oppose the Iraq war are "phony soldiers."

Wow! I said to myself. Phony soldiers! That's pretty devastating, coming from a man with Rush's military credentials.

Wait! What are Rush's military credentials? Gosh! I'll have to look them up!

Rush avoided military service by citing a congenital condition, a pilonidal cyst. That's a little sac deep in your asshole that can become infected if you're not careful. I hope Rush is careful!

Poor Rush and his little asshole. I 'm sure he regrets that he was but one asshole to give for his country. It's interesting that in order to get out of the military, he hid under his asshole.


p.s. We're off to DC this weekend for the peace march, among other things, not that any of the so-called large progressive blogs (Huff Post, Alternet, Kos, Crooks and Liars, etc.) have given it space. Do peace groups have to take out ads to get this info out?? This is ridiculous.

How does one get a cyst like that?
Sounds like an STD to me.
good point about the large so-called progressive blogs. Everyone is in the dark. Have a good march.
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