Tuesday, September 11, 2007


No Matter How You Dress It Up...

This morning I received an email urging me to fly the flag on this fateful date and to forward the email to everyone I knew.

Instead I Google image-searched turd and came up with this little plum for General Petraeus's thumb.

You've really got to hand it to the Bush Administration for bringing the good general back to deliver his "report" to Congress on the anniversary of the admin's pretext to shred the Constitution. Never forget!!

Never mind that Petraeus spent the last month in and out of the Capitol, having a testemendectomy while the administration, after touting the general as a 'straight shooter' whose word would be gospel, claimed its 'right' to 'edit' the report. (Please excuse this excess of quotation mark usage, but do consider the circumstance.)

It's rich. The Prez sez the General will come to DC and tell us what's what: he'll tell me what to do, and I'll do it. Then of course, he summons him early to tell him to tell him what to do so he can do what he wants to. You get all this stuff about what generals are trained to do, as if it were something mystical and beyond the understanding of us all. What they are trained to do, folks, is to obey orders. They're soldiers, after all. They just have to obey the orders of the higher ups, including, in this case, the militarily illiterate Commander-in-Chief.

I am thankful to be tucked away from the world today, mostly working on my novel, while public spaces have no doubt been filled with Moments of Silence, less to remember the dead than to keep us all terrorized by our Terrorists-in-Chief 1 and 2. I am so sorry for all the folks who really lost folks, but what I am feeling is not what they need to hear in their grief:

Remember, this is the administration that fought the commission that prepared the 9/11 report every step of the way, attempting to send its officials to meet on the condition that they not be required to testify under oath. These are the conservatives who have trashed the families of the victims for their desire to get at the truth.

Sometimes, as the blogger from whom I borrowed the above polish said, a turd is just a turd.

I was out and about all day on the 11th. Every single place I went was empty. I was wondering, are people afraid to go out, or because I live in a liberal town, were people protesting Bush by refusing to shop as he so urges us to do when shit hits the fan. I do not know. The highways, the side streets, no traffic. It was weird.

Oh, and never forget, Bush and Cheney had to tell their fibs together, while holding hands and caressing one another, changing one another's Depends, tonguing in the stalls, the whole bit, when they testified before that jake leg commission.
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