Monday, September 10, 2007


I Really Did, Give or Take a Bra

It's been very hard to wake up lately. I'm much too busy dreaming. They're such long, involving dreams that sleep becomes a chore toward getting the dream's agenda complete.

Take last night. I dreamed I was standing around at an appearance of Hillary Clinton. John Edwards was there, sitting on the floor, listening carefully. Lots of vendors were there to sell stuff they thought a Hillary audience might buy. They were a diverse bunch.

Suddenly I decided that it was time for me to Get Involved.

I volunteered to work in Hillary's campaign. I told her that I didn't think that her message was getting across, while in the back of my mind I told myself that, by helping her craft her message, I'd have a better idea of what it was or it wasn't.

Phones rang all around me, the staff was trucked off to San Fernando, California, and allowed to play on giant swings as a way of whipping up creativity. I never did ascertain what Hillary's fundamental message was.

So here I am, with all this energy and no place to put it, since these folks would rather listen to James Carville and the Pollsters (a new doo-wop group?) than us ordinary folks.

Still, I'm filled with post-dream wisdom.

To John Edwards: Don't worry about the haircuts, and stop looking in the mirror. You're plenty handsome as it is. You could get an army buzzcut and still look fine. The best part of you is your soul, anyway. I dreamed that I'd rather work for you.

To Hillary: You're passing up all the best issues in this center-dance. Fire the Carvilles and get some regular people on your team. Just because you bagged Billy doesn't mean you have the rest of us.

To Barack: I really wish you'd waited till you'd done something to distinguish yourself in the Senate. Simply creaming the Jockey shorts of GQ and the lace panties of Oprah isn't enough.

To Chris Dodd: How did you get money out of Paul Simon? Let's hear more from you.

To Dennis K.: I love you, man. I wish that you could get elected and not get shot. This nation is so not ready for you.

To all of you: Take better care of each other. The Repugnicans pretty much do that, and it gives the opposition less to play with in the long run. Don't hand those jerks the best attack ads.

If I knew lots of lyrics to A Chorus Line I'd work on a Repugs musical. What a long, matching- suit bunch of old white guys.


I haven't decided yet on which Democratic presidential hopeful to get behind, but it really doesn't matter.
Once the general election campaign begins, I am for whomever isn't the Republican.
It's really that simple.
I'd vote for a marginally retarded Democrat before I'd vote for a gorgeous lesbian Republican with an IQ of 185.
P.S. The woman in the pointy cone bra looks like a younger version of Arianna Huffington.
wow , that was an amazing dream. Lulu Maude, danm that post dream wisdom kicks ass.
It is nice to see some hope left for you with the dems. I have gotten very pessimistic as of late.
Now, did you just open a new blog? Are you Lulu the Dewey Dame?
Pursey, that's the blog I write for the library I work for. I, too, am pessimistic about the Dems, but I can also figure that they don't currently have the votes to be bolder on Iraq. They have a majority, but not an overwhelming one. They seem to be trimming their sails to guard against an account that they are soft on terrorism... I'm old enough to remember the constant charge that they were soft on communism. I'd like to see more spine, but I do know the difference between the two parties, or at least I hope I do. I was recently approached by one of the leaders of the Vermont Progressive Party about helping to organize my town. I will work here, but I am pretty pleased with the contact I've been getting from Patrick Leahy, one of my senators, and of course we have Bernie, who is worth his weight in gold.
True story, apropos of absolutely nothing: I recently dreamt that President Bush helped me pick out a Fiestaware gravy boat at Macy's.
Oooh! What color did you get?
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