Friday, September 28, 2007


Here's a Little Something for All You Phony Soldiers Out There

I'm so out of it that I almost missed this, and I've planned to be in DC this weekend for weeks!

In the meantime, people have been encamped in the sight of Congress, pushing for the end of the war, the impeachment of the unDynamic Duo, justice for the Jena Six, and all manner of worthy causes.

I just didn't know it. And I surf from one so-called progressive blog to another.

Thanks be that my friends Sydney and Jacqueline returned from France this week. I'd still be in the dark if they hadn't. As it is, they're taking the train down for the march and the train back after it's done. That's dedication.

Other opportunities for hell raising are in LA, should you be on the Left Coast. But I'm sure Dusty is on top of all that.

OK, all you phony soldiers... get out and fight for peace!


You are my hero.

Rush says all those people like you and me want US soldiers to die to help make the war unpopular, when truly all peaceful assemblies against the war are merely attempts to save lives.

God's speed

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