Friday, September 14, 2007


Conservative Homophobes Explained

No wonder conservatives on both sides of the aisle get so twitchy about gay marriage, civil unions, anti-discrimination statutes, and the rest.

That's a mighty slippery slope they're all on, after all.

When I was much younger and still sort of attractive, I came to the conclusion that work was sexy. I was a teacher and organizer, and I had way too many
opportunities. All that idealism, coupled with youth and vigor, and work was indeed sexy! I had to learn that open relationships (or closed ones undercover) were exhausting, unless all you had on your list of to-dos was to make love.

What I didn't figure on for my peers in the Golden Years was how horny waging war was to make the old boys.

Take Joe and Dubya. They can't stay away from each other. All that killing and maiming! It must be quite an aphrodisiac. What with Junior's testosterone supplements and Joe's Bisexual Bipartisan Pheromone cologne, it's hot and heavy whenever they meet. No need for a lot of personal space here!

Best have the Secret Service cordon off a stall or two for a little relief.

War politics are not only sexy, they're just so ... gay.


Mercy! I'll have what you're having.

I have heard men say that killing games give them wood. You may have hit upon why men should never be president.

The pics for this post gave me a queasy stomach..that fucking traitor.

DINO's need to be tarred and feather..seriously.
...when you were younger and *sort of* attractive???
That's like saying Bush is *sort of* dumb.

Finally an explanation ! Lulu maud you "nailed" this one. And thanks for the stroll down memory lane. I too once thought i and work was sexy. Funny how that goes.

Dang those picture don't lie. I didn't come here (to this site) for porn. I go to Edicts for that.
You are always full of surprises. Pass the Brain bleach !!!! Glad i have an empty stomach at the moment.
Everything about this gaggle of ghouls is gay, and that makes me sad for all of the good gay people. They are going to be labeled by all these gay killers. It is just too much to bear.
Dammit Pursey you got a point there, how depressing. Hadn't even thought of that.

It is to much to bear...really
I need some TUMS...watching Bush kiss know we have never seen him kiss laura? ever noticed that? but seriously watching him urgh....okay I think I will go watch the kitty give herself a bath...that will make me feel better..or hmm....a bad scifi movie..
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