Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Yoo-Hoo, It's Me... Still Me..

One of the best things about being president is having a long list of people who will step down in order to preserve your office.

Rummy, Scooter, Karl, 'Berto... and the list will doubtless go on in the coming weeks, as if there were a vital difference between the so-called subordinates and their boss.

Dubya and that non-member of the Executive Branch, Dick Cheney, have called many tunes: to invade the privacy of Americans, lock them up incommunicado, deprive them of their franchise, and torture them within and beyond our borders, all in the name of the war on terror. Their subordinates have happily danced to them, even taking the fall as if keeping the ol' Commander in Chief were vital to our national security.

These crowd pleasing gestures are meaningless, however. Topple a Gonzales and install a Chertoff. There is always another loyalist who knows that ultimately Alberto will be taken care of by the party faithful and that he, too, can enjoy the aftermath of the administration through advancement in the old boy network that is Dick and Dubya's.

In the meantime members of the press dash about as if Gonzales's departure were some radical act. My own good Senator Patrick Leahy offers Junior some counsel on acceptable nominees. In the meantime GWB and snarlin' Dick are holed up, deciding the next outrage.

You can't get a leopard to alter his spots, nor can you expect Dubya to change his checks.

Drat! Ordinarily I'd laugh myself silly at your great photoshopped image, but unless it's about Larry Tea Room Craig, I can't laugh. I simply MUST save all my laughter for that miserable gay bastard.
This is completely off topic, but I would like to ask you a favor. My mother-in-law turned 95 last month. She is hopping on an aeroplane next month to get the heck out of her town and come visit us in my town. I am throwing her a 95th Birthday Happy Hour called the I Love Gladys Happy Hour. She was born on the same day as Lucille Ball, just a year later and she is a redhead and funny. So, I would like to make a card that has the I Love Lucy Heart but change it to say I Love Gladys.
Would you be able to photo shop that heart to say that so I can make cards out of that image? I know this is the second time I have called upon you to photoshop, and please feel free to say you do not have time to aid me in my adventures.
I'd love to help. I'll work on it this weekend. Let me know where you'd like it sent.
How marvelous. Gladys is going to faint. She loves Lucy and they share a birth date and they are both red heads. That afternoon I am taking her to get her portrait made by a great black and white photographer, oh, lunch with her best friend's daughter, then she will come home and have a surprise cocktail party. She does love her martinis, and one dare not ask her vodka or gin 'cause she hisses, "Gin of course!!!" What a hoot. Anyway, you can email me at

Many, many thanks. Hey, do you want to come to the party?
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