Friday, August 10, 2007


Watch Out for Wet Turf... Indisposed

It's too bad that our loyal ally in the War on Terror, Pervez Musharraf, couldn't join the What-To-Do-About-the-Taliban get-together in Afghanistan, but I'm sure that this picture more than explains his absence.

Musharraf, or Perv, as the in-crowd calls him, was Indisposed.

He couldn't figure out whether to declare his country in a state of emergency or not so that he could dissolve parliament and move into martial law and start wearing his general's duds again, instead of his Nehru jacket. To de-stress, he sought the council of his favorite playmates.

The dolls dig his Nehru jacket, but the red-head on the left does have a thing for men in uniform, or so she says.

I'm so glad that Dubya has such a faithful ally in the war on terror and the democritization of the Middle East.

As Sister Nancy Beth Eczema would say, Praise Him!

I had a conversation with Perv recently. I was going to interview him, just like I interviewed Mommy Teresa, but he only wanted to play with his dolls. I said "Listen, Perv, I am a serious, famous entertainer, and don't have time for this. Besides, you are too ugly for your jacket."

I was told I could not come back to Pakistan.
The trouble with Perv is he has to be the star of everything. Those are just chorus dolls. You, a headliner, are a terrible threat to him.

So nice to hear from you. I've missed you! Have you been on the road?
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