Monday, August 20, 2007


Un-fair to Remember: Karl's Search for Tomorrow

As Karl Rove valiantly attempts to get on with his life, he realizes that family life holds little appeal. He then offers his services to a man with family troubles of his own.

KARL: I hate to bother you at work, but you haven't been answering my calls.

K-FED: You answerin' the nanny ad? The position's filled. Get outa my mosh pit.

KARL: Not so fast. You may not know it, but there is also an opening for K-Fed's Biggest Fan. I saw it in Daily Variety. I have a lot of biggest fan experience.

K-FED: Yeah? Like what?

KARL: I could help you Swift-Brit your ex. When we get finished with her, she'll be answering your nanny ads, and paying you to place them.

K-FED: Hmmm....

Meanwhile, his former flame callously flaunts his lifestyle in Winnamucca, Nevada.

DUBYA: I got us the bridal suite.

ABDULLAH: Wonderful. It's near the ice machine?

DUBYA: Yer gonna need an ice machine. That little pointy beard tickles, y' know.

ABDULLAH: You never know where it will point next!
(beat) Are you still sad?

DUBYA: About Turd Blossom? A little. Nobody's ever loved me like that except my mama. And she didn't love me like that.

(perfect kiss.)

DUBYA: Mmmm. Is that a oil well under yer skirts, or are you just glad to see me?

ABDULLAH: I will ride you like a camel in a sandstorm!

Your photoshopping skills are getting oretty awesome.
Thanks. It's become my favorite toy.
OMG. The Turd Blossom has been thrown out like yesterday's news. I knew, I just somehow knew, that Bush could not be trusted. What a stinker. I sure hope Turd Blossom calls him on the carpet for this. I sure hope the hairy fellow waxed his carpet, this could get prickly real quick. Good God.
Karl Rove walking like an Egyptian is just ghastly. He looks like a tortoise who's been ripped from his shell. He makes K-Fed look like an actual entertainer!
When Rove was asked if he regretted anything during his years at the White House, his only mention was of this little star turn at some Repub. dinner... so I knew I wanted to use the picture.

He even embarrassed himself! Since he hasn't the good sense to be ashamed for his other misdeeds, I consider it my obligation to use this picture... maybe even frequently.

Don't be surprised if his homie moves show up again on this site.
'skuze me, but I don't sorta unnerSTAnd how porkypig can wrap.
Porkypig! Too funny! I love you, Woody Tobias, Jr.! He can be Porky Pig like Snoop Dog is Snoop Dog!
Woody? That's rap.
I think this should become Karl's standard photo, to be used by all of blogdom and the entire msm.
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