Thursday, August 16, 2007


Un-fair to Remember: Karl Weighs Playing the Field

His boxers soiled, his romance in tatters, his office promised to a really dumb intern, Karl ponders his future and polishes his past with two sympathetic suitors.

KARL: He's so much smarter than you guys even know. He's really well read. And he can play the organ.

: Yes, we have sat and discussed the fine points of the Torah on many a winter's eve. But that's in the past, Karl.

RUSH: Those effete snobs! They don't understand you, or your sweetheart. But it's time to move on, Karl. I'd tickle you with my best cigar, if only you'd say you'd be mine. Come lie with me and be my love!

LIEBERMAN: Remember, Karl, happiness is a guy named Joe.

KARL: You're both very kind, but it is way too soon. My heart still belongs to a cute little floppy-eared guy who can't pronounce nuclear.

'skuze me, but I THInk there needs to be a skene of Karl HUNting down doves and PAsfists. Then I think that HAiry REED needs to stomp his feet or something.
Wow, just tuned in to your Filum. I think it has great promise, and can't wait for the next chapter to appear! Love what you're doing here, love the photos you picked out and how you altered them just a tad! Dialogue works for me too. You rock, Lulu!
Thank you both... Woody for future direction, and Sigrid for encouragement.
As the Muse, I think we need to have a skene with Fred Thompson begging Rove to be his! Oh, and I am playing Laura Bush and Bittman has agreed to play George/Grant. How cool is that? But, I am not trying to be a sick elephant or one-up Karen Zip Drive or anything like that. As a matter of fact, I may be the one who makes all of you rich and famous with my fabulous encouragement and I expect nothing in return, so how Dalai Lama is that? Richard Gere, eat your freaking heart out!!!!
You are spooky, Pursey... I've been thinking about Fred myself. In a matter of minutes...
Are tickets on pre order yet ? And T shirts, must have T shirts. I smell mega hit of hysterical proportions here. Count on me for a blank cheque as well, as I am a supporter of les Arts and this script and concept induces awe. (already I can envision a sequel, a prequel -endless possiblities) A finer team has never been assembled.

The drama is riviting. The excucution will surely be flawless. What more can I say except BRAVO !
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