Thursday, August 16, 2007


Un-Fair to Remember: Freddy Flirts With Karl

Karl doesn't know what to do with himself till August 31. He wanders the nation's capitol remembering what used to be, utterly vulnerable. He becomes the target of many a presidential Jezebel.

FRED: Hello there.

KARL: (sniffles a little. Wipes his eyes.) Hello. Why are you wearing that funny collar?

FRED: I'm a candidate-in-waiting. I'm being coy. I could use a fella like you, if I decide to run. Which I might. Or I might not.

KARL: It's just so hard to get over ... things. Would you mind putting on a leather bomber jacket and some blue jeans?

FRED: No go. I like pleated pants, when I wear pants. But I could let you wear my ruffle for a while.

KARL: (brightening) Really? You got it.

See? I knew that fuckwit would go to work for Freddie.

He is right? :P
How are ya?

Hey, Freddie looks better in that Ruff than he deserves, I gotta tell ya.
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I love it when you say,"I gotta tell ya." It takes my mind off of everything.
This is pure genius. Once woody gets his hands on that ruffle and puts a 3=D effect on it, you got yourself a winner!
I have posted the perfect filum festival for all of us. It is the second post down.
How did you get that picture? What sort of camera did you use? How on earth are you going to esplane this to Homeland Seekurity?

Big Pearlie Girlie
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