Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Tingling with Anticipation!


Here I was hoping that Karl Rove would head out on a hunting trip with the Dickster after his departure from the White House...

...and how does Krazy Karl plan to celebrate his newfound family life?

Why, by dove-hunting, of course! Am I tuned into this guy, or what? (Must be traces of my long-ago Republican upbringing.)

What better way to celebrate a legacy of war and destruction than to plug a few symbols of peace and reconciliation that have just been released from a cramped cage?

They won't be coordinated enough to stumble far from Rove's shotgun, and he can emerge with lots o' victims, the big bwana sportsman that he fancies himself to be.

Just be sure to include Dick Cheney in the hunting party, and don't forget to give him several Lone Stars before setting out.

Dubya, please notice that Karl is holding hands with another man.

You are better off without him. Besides, you still have your Dick.
Bobby says that Dove Hunting is a euphamism for "Hunting down pinko commie liberals and shooting them" except Bobby can't say euphamism.
How are ya?

I can too say ufamsimsism. Who do you think I am, Woody? Geeze, Lola, you sure can hurt a guy.
Bwana Dick Cheney wouldn't drink a Lone Star- they are reserved exclusively for tourists.
Dick is more the Jack Daniels or Wild Turkey sort of drinker. Neat.
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