Saturday, August 11, 2007


Tango Republicano

It isn’t just that Alberto Gonzales fired perfectly good U.S. Attorneys in the current scandal; that competent people have been replaced by political hacks is just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s that Karl Rove’s quest for permanent Republican control is at the heart of the matter.

This isn’t a case just about rewarding Dubya’s political cronies. It’s about putting people into positions that could impair the will of the people to be manifested in the dirty business of campaigning and the actual casting of votes.

Greg Palast, the last of the great investigative journalists, came by his revelations on the Republican strategy to invalidate whole blocks of votes through a joke of sorts. John A. Wooden, the wag behind and in the old days,, the latter having been purchased back by the Republicans for the current project of creating the George W. Bush Library. (Now if someone will just teach Dubya to read before the Grand Opening of the facility housing all those censored documents… but I digress.)

Because the campaign added to its list of addresses for sending emails regarding campaign strategies to the party faithful, Wooden was on the receiving end of voter lists selected for caging; names of voters from largely black neighborhoods whose votes would be challenged and discarded in national elections.

Overseeing this program was a Republican operative named Tim Griffin. He instructed Republican state parties to send letters to newly registered voters welcoming them to the franchise, only to seize the names and addresses for challenge at voting sites. The pretext was to present them as fraudulent registrations.

If the name Tim Griffin rings a faint bell in your mind, he’s the man that Karl Rove arranged as the replacement for the Arkansas U.S. Attorney, the one who quickly resigned when copies of his caging lists and other documents held by the BBC (Palast’s outlet for reporting, since his native land pretty much stifles his reporting) were requested by Congressman John Conyers.


Palast’s contention is that we should worry less about giving Alberto Gonzales the boot and concentrate instead on giving Karl Rove the orange jumpsuit.

The installation of party operatives in U.S. Attorney offices is less about championing an overturn of many of the civil liberties that progressives hold dear than it is about the effort to systematically deny millions of Americans the right to have their say in who carries out their wishes.

Gonzales is a sleaze--make no mistake about it—but his recent appearances in Senate hearings confirm that he hasn’t the lead in this dangerous dance. He isn’t bright enough. He is probably more on a par with his boss. The director of the fancy footwork is Karl Rove, and he should be the focus of this investigation.

The whole election, campaigning, debating, etc. is nothing more than theatre. You can bet your last dollar that if a Democrat wins, he/she/it was the machine's choice, the Democrat that will carry on the neo-con plan. The vote rigging, caging, short-supplying key districts with machines, and so forth and so on will strategically install the next Republican or the next Republican anointed Democrat in the next election. I am still not over Al Gore gaveling down the protest by the Congressional Black Caucus. He disgusts me to this day, pie charts or not. Besides, I think he is full of shit. I am still not over Clinton and his charming deception while all the while carrying out the wishes of the Republican party to disenfranchise welfare moms, increase globalization through NAFTA with a corrupt country, immediately discarding the gay voters who supported him by his "don't ask don't tell policy," his insistence that regime change must take place in Iraq, oh well, I could go on and on and on about that man. But when John Kerry conceded the election before the counting stopped in Ohio, before even telling his running mate, I knew then and there it was all theatre. Now, all of a sudden, when the investigations are heated up in Ohio, all the ballets go missing. The reason that no one of any party is passionately trying to eliminate "election fraud," is because they are all in it together. They focus on "voter fraud" to make the country think the problem with the elections is the "voters." I truly believe, until this entire nation rallies to ensure that election fraud is addressed, a neo-con of a different color will continue the new world order until the end of my lifetime, but hey, that is being overly optimistic! By the way, I have missed you dearly. I have been on one mission after the other. Incredible journeys of many sorts. I am glad to be home and journeyless for the next day or so.
What Pursey said !
Rove is quitting!!!!!!!!!!
Don't let's all get excited that Rove has resigned. Should he be indicted (assuming anyone in Washington has any balls) then Bush can always issue a Pardon; or, should it go to trial and Rove finds himself convicted, then of course Bush would commute his sentence.
Exactly, Jood.
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