Monday, August 13, 2007


So We'll No More Go a-Roving...

Ever since I read about Karl Rove's resignation this morning I have been singing that old Lord Byron tune, but to tell the truth, my glee is pretty much contained.

Yes, he's going and gone. One less prevaricator at the White House. And, isn't it sweet? He's going to spend more time with his family! Those Republicans are so darned dedicated to their families! I guess that's where all those values come from.

I suppose his departure will make him more difficult to rein in when it comes to Senate hearings on his role in the firing and hiring of U.S. attorneys... like Harriet Miers, he can choose not to return to town.

And then there's always his next new, as yet undiscovered flame: Karl is said to have fallen for a young Dubya in a bomber jacket when he was in his twenties. The perfect presidential candidate someday, he just knew. A political kind of love at first sight. That's a long time to go steady.

What dampens my enthusiasm is the likelihood that Rove will make his own special Turd Blossom contribution to the '08 campaign, once he finds his new boyfriend. More distortion. More dissembling. His kid is going off to college, so you know that Rove won't sit by the hearth for very long.

So enjoy the time off, Karl. Perhaps you and Dick can slip off to some ranch to shoot at penned up animals. That ought to fortify you for your next big project.

Sending him hunting with cheney might be the quickest solution.
Oh, now that would be some fine hunting trip...

You mean the old Lord Byron tune, "I Couldn't Stand to Leave (My Greek Brothers Behind)"; or "I Didn't Like Her Anyway"?

Once he gets back to Ingram, he wants to teach Sunday School and hang around the cracker barrel. (cough!)

Pretty soon he's be singing, "I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say No," and, "Take Me I'm Yours."

Oh, My God, It looks like I copied you and I did not even read this post until now, I SWEAR!!! Anyway, I am over at my site begging you to photoshop that picture, so you can do that and put it on your site and it will look like you were copying me and then we can both go totally mental!
Pursey, dear, I am already mental. But thanks for your suggestion... it was fun to put Karl's big ol' head on top of all that chiffon...
Thank you Lulu!
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