Monday, August 27, 2007


Serve 'm Up

I'm feeling sorry for Alberto Gonzales's mama, of all people.

She must have been so proud to see 'Berto rise to the top of his profession, to be seen chumming it up with the President of the United States.

Now he's served up, little cherry that he is, on the top of a big, fluffy White House sundae that spins the "unfair attacks" on him rendering him ineffective in carrying out the duties of his majestic office into so much tainted whipped cream.

Things have come to a pretty pass when the nefarious deeds of Gonzales have turned John Ashcroft into a sympathetic character, helpless in a hospital bed while Berto tried to get him to sign on to the further shredding of the Constitution.

There was ample reason for Dubya to choose him as the next AG: he knew that he could count on his henchman mentality to further erode constitutional principles. He would be that hungry, that gratified by the insider status that would accompany it. Besides, his initials would be right. AG the AG.

So to Alberto's mama, should she still inhabit this earth, I say that I am sorry. Your son truly fell in with the wrong crowd.

Lawd this is good..can I post it at Sirens? Pretty please?
I have a similar take about 'Beto over at my crib. Only mine is tactless, borderline racist and chock full o' swear words.
AND I put shit on his nose. :)
This little turd is the most ruthless killer of them all. He could not wait to get Bush to sign all those death warrants to execute in Texas. Bush likes killing, but Fredo made it all possible. Now after torture memos and Tejas executions, the son of a bitch has written a law to prevent death row inmates from appeals, now the AJ gets to decide who lives or dies. He is the sickest creature ever and if his Momma is alive I hope she spits in his face.
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