Friday, August 31, 2007


Rove Rejects Craig as Stall-Mate

In another stinging blow to Larry Craig, outgoing presidential advisor Karl Rove left the nation's capital for Texas today, but he indicated that he would not be going home via Minneapolis.

"We're just too much alike," Rove told reporters.

"Neither one of us is gay," Craig added.

"Right," Rove confirmed.

"But Rove's too nelly."

"So is Craig. I like 'em butch."

You know, that is so true. The are way too much alike to ever get along in the sack, errr the stall. This may be the only good decision Karl has ever made. His wife should be proud.
You know, you're right.
In the many scenarios I've created inside my head about Larry the Fairy's toilet adventures, I always picture him as the sucker rather than the suckee.
And we all know Rove is hot for Bush's macho bullshit.
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