Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Missing in Action, but Protecting Us All the Same

Please someone tell me again just why we should trust the Republican Party and its minions to protect the homeland from terrorists. To hear them talk, it seems like such a done deal.

I know they find the Constitution a major inconvenience and will pounce on any pretext to weaken its protections for us just-folks. This they do ostensibly to protect us--as if we needed protection from our Constitution.* They are more bellicose than we progressives, and like to declare war whenever possible. (Just last week, after the collapse of the Minneapolis-St. Paul bridge, our own Dubya declared a War on Infrastructure.)

But why we should continue to believe that Republicans are the terror-proof party when their leaders have (a) ignored the intelligence that could have headed off 9/11; (b) dropped the ball on rooting out Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan in order to put our troops in harm's way in Iraq; (c) declined to act on intelligence in 2005 when a major Al Qaeda meeting was taking place in Pakistan in order not to embarrass our "partner" in the War on Terror, Musharrif; and (d) most recently, lost track of over 100,000 AK-47s and 60,000 pistols we sent over to Iraq, this last according to the General Accounting Office.

Unfortunately, the disappearance of all those weapons happened under the watch of Gen. David Patraeus, Dubya's Great White Hope for the efficacy of the current surge. Whoops. If the man can't track guns, many of which are now employed by insurgents against our troops, I don't hold much hope that he can track our troops.

Dubya urges us all to wait for September, when that "straight shooter" Petraeus issues his report on the success of the surge. I can't have faith in his independence; if the pattern holds true, Petraeus's views on abortion (against), the Bush Presidency (for), and free markets (uphold) are more important than any military acumen.

To me, the itinerant guns say it all.

*Fortunately President Bush has appointed shiny new SCOTUS** justices who are happily dismantling these protections as quickly as possible so that we (we, in this case, being employers, managers, and other, powerful types) won't have to wade through all the inconveniences of liberty much longer.
**SCOTUS always makes me think SCROTUM, a far better descriptor of the current majority...

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