Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Another Tender Scene from 'Un-fair to Remember'

Gee--it's just like they say at the Oscars... there's no more meaningful praise than that from one's peers. I am simply overcome by the kind words and support from Pursey, Woody, Bobby, and Lola. It's inspiring, to say the least.

As you may know, I'm not a screenwriter... just a humble blogger and maybe-novelista. I'm sure that at some point Woody will have to step in and play script doctor, Lola will have to serve as dialogue coach, and Bobby will have to work on the timing... Pursey continues to be the Muse.

With the help of my blogger pals, who know? We're goin' down the aisle!

The plethora of images of our star-crossed lovers continues to feed me:

DUBYA: Don't cry, TB. You know it loosens your bowels. You smell like you've got a load in there already.

KARL: I'm ... just.. so.. overcome. This is hard.

DUBYA: What's hard? You got a boner, there? I'll get someone to bring you your briefcase.

KARL: It's not that kind of hard. I'm... just... remembering. Remember the first time we stole those votes in Florida? That was really special.

DUBYA: Yes, it was. I never had anybody steal votes for me like that before.

KARL: And Ohio. What about Ohio. I did my magic, and all those votes disappeared.

DUBYA: That was slick, all right. Then when you bought me those Swift Boaters for m' birthday. That was real nice.

KARL: And all those prosecutors. They meant a lot. I don't know if you know how much!

DUBYA: I could never torch the Constitution with anybody else quite the same way, Karl. You know that.

KARL: But what about Dick?

DUBYA: With Dick it's all business. This is special, you and me.

KARL: I just can't bear to go, Mr. President. There's still so much to do.

DUBYA: Now Karl, we've been over that. You gotta get out of here. Leahy's breathin' down yer neck, and Washington is small. Texas is big. Real big.

KARL: Big like ... ?

DUBYA: Yep, that big. Now git. And put on some fresh boxers on the way out. Be sure ta stand upwind from m' legacy.

Bobby, Woody and I have had a meeting. We have decided that Bobby should play Senator Patrick Leahy (with comic overtones); I should play the DC Madame; and Woody shall play with his food. Before directing, that is. Then he will be serious and he will expect someone to bring him his martini and his slippers.

This is the only way we can adjust to the unfortunate defiling of Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr. Our salary must be double what we normally get - our Lawyers, Mssrs. Dewey, Cheetum and Howe, have drafted a contract that stipulates all those important things.

Pursey, of course, should have an important role as well. If poor Patricia has finished cleaning up her keyboard, well, you know she does play a French Hooker in a Small French Village very well, so perhaps another EXCELLENT roll and bun for her in this!

But NO FEATHERS in this filum. Please, I'm still cleaning up from the last filum's wrap party which we've not even finished yet.
Those pics of Rove's wobbly chins just saved me 400 calories, having puked up my breakfast.
You think Beto Gonzales will be toast now that Rove will be moving to an undisclosed, subpoena-proof bunker?
Maybe they could be roomies, Zippie.

I can only agree with all the conditions you have put on the table, Lola. I myself have begun to molt and want no further feather-wear.
I want to play Laura Bush. I am a Texan (not native but transplanted long enough to know the ropes) and I like to smoke cigarettes, as does Laura, and I want to bitch out Georgie and be all happy and shit that his floppy-chinned boy friend is wobbling and waddling down to Tejas.
Great script. That last line, the part where Dubya says "Now Git," it was like a scene from Shane or something. Tears kind of welled-up.
How are ya?

Pursival, y'll make a perfek Laura Bush. Almos wish I would loosen the grip on my princples and take that Grant/Bush roll and bun.

I'm iraqing my brains to figger out who shud take the Grant/Bush roll and bun, but everbody I know is too smart.
'skuze me, but I think Bobby has had his marTIni for breakfast today.
I beg of you, take the Bush/Grant roll and bun with comic overtones. You and me Bobby, just imagine. I get to spank your fanny because everyone knows that Laura spanks Georgie's fanny.
How are ya? Lissen, Pursival, you convinced me - it's the spanking that peaked my inress.
Thanks Bobby. Now, Lulu can finish the filum and Bobby can do the casting. I will be sending the proper forms for you to sign and then if you do so, I will indulge you with a practice 'panky, but no hanky panky, this thing is rated PG 3. Oh, maybe that is not up to me. Never mind.
LMFAO! Damn girl do you rock or what?
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