Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Why Is This Li'l Feller Smiling?

Why shouldn't you smile?

You're the envy of all. Successful. Recognized. Above the law. In with the In Crowd.

No matter what you do. No matter to whom you do it. You have the whisper-soft confidence of knowing that you won't be touched. Not a hair on your head. Not for a minute.

You're protected from embarrassing accidents. Your world is absorbent. You can rest in hygienic comfort, with no revealing outlines. Your back is covered.

The law is for losers. You're a winner.

You've got a lot to smile about.

And when you consider his fines will be paid by all those glorious Repubes that donated to his defense fund..Hell he should be grinning from ear to ear!

He is so cute on his little scooter, scooting around. I wonder how his family feels about him. I wonder what it is like being related to the guy who wrote "The Apprentice?" Who concocted a war, who destroyed the lives of all of those at Brewster Jennings and Associates, who broke bread with Judith Miller. I wonder.
OK..so he paid his own fines..thats because his Free Scooter pals have raised 5 mil for this friggin yahoo.

He is still and always will be a putz of the highest order.
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