Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We Make No Misteaks in America

Thank heavens the Republicans blocked the Senate's attempt to bring our troops home. Doing that would send the wrong message, you know?

I mean, we went into Iraq for all the Right Reasons: we needed to eradicate Saddam and his Weapons of Mass Destruction, and then there was our mandate to impose a neocon economic philosophy upon a country run on socialist principles. It hasn't been easy, but it was important to deprive all those Iraqis of all those government-sponsored jobs so that they could experience the Incentives for Employment, such as No Income Coming In, nothing to buy those pesky luxuries like food and housing. What motivation for an entrepreneurial, free market economy! I know they're all grateful, and it gives me such a warm feeling inside.

And you know, we're Almost There. All we need to do now is open a Free-Market Mosque, someplace to worship the almighty Petro-Buck, and we ought to be Home Free.

I'd hate for the rest of the world to misinterpret our Divine Mission in Iraq by our early withdrawal. God's Will can be such a mystery to the layperson. Our mission has been accomplished, and we need General Petraeus to say so, come about September, at which time we'll allow as how stupendous our success has been, and in order to accept the thanks of a Grateful Iraqi Nation, we should stick around and help them extract some of that there oil. I'd hate for them to feel all Seduced and Abandoned.

But we'd never make that mistake. That's the great thing about our great-hearted nation, especially under our current leader. We have no regrets, because we haven't done anything wrong.

Such are the benefits of doing the Work of the Lord.

Can I have an Amen?
Halleleujah! Oh, my!! I hope you won't be offended that a lesbian witch friend of Bill W's is now in love with you!!! *muaaaah!!!*
I just read that Gen'l Pet wrote an op-ed piece before the '04 election about how well the Almighty's plan for Iraqi freedom was going. Is there any doubt that he'll see his benchmarks made in September? We mustn't let Bush run out the clock in Iraq. A quarter of a million Americans don't need to risk themselves through January 2009 just to save Bush's bacon.
How can benchmarks be achieved when the Iraqi puppet government is on vacation for a month?
Once they made that decision, our troops should have started being withdrawn immediately.
Bush can't even manage puppets, I guess because he's the Saudi's puppet.
Forgetting public admission of mistakes, many people shudder at the thought of even "feeling" that they are wrong or to blame. Wow, Pursey, that was brilliant, duh. But what I am trying to say is that many folks refuse to feel the emotion, "guilt." "Guilt" is a feeling some will go to great lengths to avoid. I find it odd that in the entire range of human emotions, guilt is the most difficult for some to bear or bare.
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