Saturday, July 28, 2007


This Year's Must-Have Fashion Statement

What an opportunity!

You, too, can add this fine chapeau to your wardrobe for just pennies a day.

Go to the link above and order yours.

It isn't perfect, I'll admit. I can't understand the need for the question mark.

Still, it will fit heads of all sizes and advance a worthy cause.

Get one today!

(Begonia not included.)

My impeach T shirt , makes me the belle of the ball where ever i go - be it the grocery store or the post office. It is not too late to impeach - it is never too late, these charges must be brought and investigated,even after the Chimp leaves office. If he ever does.

Politics aside both parties be damned!!..this is about country and our fate to get out from under Tryany. Impeach em all ! let the political chips fall where they may. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. No matter what goes down the smearing of the "liberals" will continue. Its should be expected - But hopefully with some aggressive re framing this discourse can rise above parties. Look at the conservatives , the few with integrity - i.e. Bruce Fein and others..They are crying out for IMPEACHMENT.
I would buy one but for me there is NO question..the bastard needs to be impeached.

To include a question mark is just wrong! :)
but the begonia goes so well :)
I'd pull the thread out of the question mark.
And how'd you get your begonia to shoot the finger?
I train my flowers to project various messages. It's part of the joy of gardening, doncha know.
BTW, I just read the reason for the question mark. It's a little discussion prompt.

Stranger: Impeach Cheney question mark?

Me: Well, what do you think? Should we impeach the motherfucker?

Stranger: I don't allow people to use the word Motherfucker till the third date.

Me: Okay... should we impeach the shithead? clap!!!! love it :)
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