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I am late in responding to Diva Jood's very kind bestowal of a Schmooze Award. Blame it on the inertia of high humidity here in the Northeast.

Diva Jood is right--I love to schmooze. My mother was from the Midwest, perhaps the chattiest region in the US. I am quite like her. I have found New Englanders less inclined to schmooze with the exception of the upwardly mobile types who sense that it is an advancement must. To me, it doesn't count when you use the schmooze. We Californians believe that the schmooze is its own reward (except for Hollywood, of course).

I find blog schmoozing more satisfying than real time schmoozing in New England. I find myself mentioning Diva Jood and Pursey Tutweiler and Sue Woo and Sister Nancy Beth Eczema to my spouse, talking about them as friends. This morning when we were out to breakfast, there was a little girl at the next table who reminded me of Jood's grandbaby. If I were to head out to Santa Cruz, I'd want to meet Sigrid Jardin for a Jamba Juice on the Pacific Garden Mall.

Karen Zipdrive and I actually did schmooze and otherwise hang out regularly about 30 years ago, when we both lived in California.
Zippie is the ultimate schmoozer. She can wade into any crowd and strike up a conversation. One night many years ago we and our partners at the time went to a bar and charged Zippie with the task of coming up with an attractive woman's phone number in the shortest possible time. She returned in under five minutes waving the contact info for the foxiest lady in the place. Did you ever notice how schmooze and cruise rhyme?

I am now too old to cruise. I do genuinely like those whose blogs I visit regularly. I therefore raise the glass of mountain champagne (that's cold, fresh water to non-backpackers) to the following, omitting Diva Jood only because she has already been celebrated:

Karen Zipdrive--longtime friend and proven schmoozer/cruiser;
Sue Woo--knitter, rose grower, Southern delight, and now author;

Pursey Tutweiler--already tapped by Jood, I think, but someone I feel real friendship for;
Lola Heatherton--an entertainer who does not schmooze has a very short career; she has actually schmoozed with Mother Teresa, as we saw not so long ago;
Sister Nancy Beth Eczema--she is perhaps too persecuted to schmooze, though I certainly hope that she finds her True Community away from the beauty palace. Perhaps a side career in Mary Kay products will help her to locate those who share her values--God, family, and cosmetics.
Dusty--impresses me mightily with her energetic pursuit of peace and justice. She not only maintains her own site, but she's been the driving force behind the creation of the women's blog, Sirens Chronicles, on which Jood and I also appear.

These are just a few. Thank you, fellow bloggers, for the sense of community you bring to my life. Cyber can be very real!

lol..I schmooze? I figured calling Federal employees fuckwits was the farthest thing from schmoozing m'dear Lulu.

Ah..but KZ can schmooze..she is clearly on the top of that list!
Oh, oh, oh, I am so excited! I know I can schmooze, and it doesn't matter that we've been awarded (as a team) before. Now, it's all about ME!
Good list, Lulu Maude! Isn't this a fun tag?
This is so sweet and I am so pleased we are friends. I will post about this a bit later. I have been tied up with an enormously fun creative project but will free up soon!
'skuze me, 'skuze me. We need you to be in our new FILum, KINK of Hearts playing one of the INsanisylim INmates.
My dear Lulu,
I'm so pleased to be included in your list of people you'd love to schmooze with. You'd certainly be on my list too! Let's hope we get to have that Jamba Juice date someday!
Actually, as memory serves, our chellenge was to get a cute girl to go home with us.
Your drunken ex put a $100 bet on the line.
The girl in question certainly fit the bill, but what you didn't know was that I told her of our ruse and she went along with it after I offered to split the winnings with her.
Then when she declined her split of the purse and actually showed some interest in going home with me, I had to decline because I was with my girlfriend who I later discovered was the biggest cheater in Los Angeles AND Orange County.
Challenge. I really can spell- just can't proof.
Goodness... the things one finds out after 30-some years, although I knew about the cheater part. Your cheater was messing around with my cheater.

What sweet little girls WE were!
We *tried* to be bad girls that one weekend... ;)
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