Friday, July 27, 2007


Is Half a Truth Better than None?

This season's Senate hearings aren't as satisfying as my all-time favorite summer soap, the Watergate hearings of the 70s, but then, I don't have TV anymore, anyway. I can only read the headlines and imagine. "Dems Accuse Gonzales of half-truths," says our own Valley News, relating the exploits of our own Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont.

More satisfying is the New York Times headline, "Gonzales Dealt Blow in Account by FBI Director," who apparently accompanied the then-White House Counsel to the hospital room of John Ashcroft, and finding the encounter so appalling (he said "unusual" to the committee), decided to take notes! He could see this incident arising from the muck to bite the White House in the hiney, eventually. Clearly he isn't of the same stature as Alfonso. Or is it Adolfo?

At any rate, Gonzales continues to provide us with solid entertainment value via Jon Stewart, and I guess Dick Cheney has stepped in and deputized anyone in his office to meddle in the affairs of the Justice Dept. as well. Let's see... is that within or without the Executive Branch, or is it the Executive Breach?

Cheney went into the hospital today to have a heart procedure. Perhaps they're inserting one in his chubby little chest, even as I write this.

It's become painfully apparent to me that we won't be enjoying impeachment hearings anytime soon, if we can't even get Repugnicans who have tried to disassociate themselves from the war to actually set a date for withdrawal from Iraq. Everybody's too busy dithering and denying health insurance to children and conducting Other Important Matters of State.

Nevertheless, the aforementioned cap will remain on my head through this long, hot summer.

Thanks for sticking the Pinocchio nose on that old Bustard Gonzo. Thank you Thank you!
Smarmy bastard.
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