Friday, July 06, 2007


Boogey Man-in-Chief

If nothing else, 9/11 handed George W. Bush just the excuse he needed to suspend civil liberties and assert American military power for political purposes: we need to fight the terrorists in Afghanistan/Guantanimo/Iraq/locations to be determined, he told us then and tells us yet, so that we won't have to fight them at home.

Whenever the American people become exasperated by Dubya's latest misadventure, he hauls the old terrorist boogeyman out of the closet. Once again he abuses his powers and subverts the Constitution for Little Ol' Us--so that we won't have another 9/11. We're all supposed to cease complaining and to sacrifice a few more of our kids "for freedom." After all, the dumb bumperstickers remind us, Freedom isn't free!

Hogwash. Iraq isn't about self-determination for Iraqis; it's about the administration's doling out governmental functions --and the tax dollars that support them-- to crony corporations. It's about co-opting the resources of one country for exploitation by a larger power. It used to be called imperialism. Actually, it still is, and our exercise of it has never been more obvious, more outrageous.

So don't tell us that you're keeping the terrorists at bay by ripping off the Iraqis, Dubya. As recent events in Britain show, there are always plenty of terrorists to go around, and you are fueling their passions with your crappy policies. If we sustain another attack here at home, it won't be because we didn't Stay The Course in Iraq. It'll be because the US, like Britain before it, has helped itself to the Middle East's destiny in pursuit of its own ends.

The more I read about the history of the Middle East, the easier it is to understand why these folks hate us so. And it isn't our freedom they detest--it's our blindness to their right to create their own path.

Myth-ter President: Stop terrorizing the American people with terrorism.

Many have expressed that sentiment but none so eloquently.
You should have been an English teacher. >kisskiss<
Great way to tell us what a fucking tool King George is Lulu.

Love the terrorist penquin too :)
Great writing Lulu. We need to clean house, we need to impeach.
Impeach? No. We need to try and convict Bush & Company for war crimes including treason.
Outing Valerie Plame was treason- that should be sufficient for starters.
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