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All About Lulu

My treasured sister in Christ, Nancy Beth Eczema, tagged me about a week ago for some self-disclosure. Though I don't fancy writing about myself, I am far too fond of Sister Nancy to blow her off. Ritualistically, it starts off like this. I'll have to work at this off and on today, since I have a hard time thinking about my own facts and habits.

1. All right, here are the rules. 2. We have to post these rules before we give you the facts. 3. Players start with eight random facts/habits about themselves. 4. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. 5. At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

1. Although I don't like to think about my own 'facts and habits,' I had to give a lot of thought to a former habit, drinking. I'd dealt with a long string of stresses entirely the wrong way. I joined AA over two years ago and am happily sober. I must have inadvertently given myself aversion therapy leading up to that decision, because drinking truly sounds awful to me now. I don't go around like a half-cocked convert, but I am very, very thankful to be sober. Best decision I ever made.

2. My real and enduring addiction is the garden. I like growing food, but I am insane about flowers, both annuals and perennials. It is hard for me to stay out of the garden during the spring and summer months.

3. I love very nearly everybody. You who come to this blog know the notable exceptions, both by name and kind. I am otherwise extremely fond of most folks and am disgustingly upbeat. To me, most folks are just fine until they prove otherwise.

4. I'm pretty spiritual. I have never been able to get the teachings of Jesus out of my head. I'm not too fond of his very loud followers, who see "following" him a sort of religious one-upsmanship. I don't find it necessary to believe the usual Christian dogma in order to find the teachings and actions of Jesus worthy of my respect. I just like the guy, okay?

5. My mother had Alzheimer's disease, and I took care of her at home. My spouse was enormously helpful. What's interesting about this experience is how sweet and funny my mother remained. She was wonderful. If someone you love gets this disease, don't assume that he or she will turn into somebody scary. And if you ever need to check in with somebody on this disease, just let me know in a comment line. I'll get back to you. My experiences taught me a lot, and I'm happy to share.

6. I was asked to leave a meeting of the Teen-Age Republicans at age 16 for "asking too many questions." I was raised in Orange County, California, and my high school had a member of the John Birch Society on the board.

7. I find it very easy to develop crushes on the people I admire. However, I don't see them as a reason for pursuing a relationship or a jump in the sack. To me, they are an expression of sensibility. As an outgrowth of this approach, most of my crushes remain intact for years.

8. Musical instruments make me salivate. I used to own 8 guitars, even though I have but two hands. I gave a few away, but still have probably too many. I do play.

Goodness! That wasn't so hard! I don't kn
ow why I procrastinated so. Actually, if I had had to do 9 facts/habits, procrastinating would probably have been number 9.

Okay, let's tag:

1. Dusty
2. Karen Zipdrive
3. Pursey Tutweiler
4. Lola Heatherton
5. Bobby Bittman
6. Woody Tobias
7. Sue Woo
8. Sigrid Jardin

Oh, thank god you left me off the list. I'd already done it.
DJ, that's something your regular readers know, of which I am one.
Oh my goodness, Lulu, you would love my dad, he has a bunch of guitars and a mandolin and a violin and a harmonica. He also has Alzheimers. I want to know everything. My mother has terminal cancer and my sister and I have promised her she will never have to worry about Dad. He is in the very early stages. He gets angry a lot, but I am not scared. It passes quickly. Tell me everything I need to know.

I like all the things I read about you, especially the disgustingly upbeat part and liking most everyone until they give you a reason not to.
Hi Lulu. I have completed the Meme, because I am my own favorite subject!
Lulu, July 18th will be 19 years clean and sober for me - my time in AA has been a wonderful journey, and, over time, it will only get better for you.

That said, I am thinking about starting up a small blog for those of us in recovery - with a focus on Rule 62 (don't take yourself seriously). Let me know if you're interested.
Diva Jood,
I love rule 62! I did not know there was a rule 62, but I am going to buy the big book, because it sounds like sound advice!!!!
'skuze me. I get to plAY tag too. SO but it will be in a FEW days BEcause i'M soRTa BIzzy.
Oh jeez, I guess I better git bizy!
Sweet Jesus on a ritz..does this mean your a 'morning person'? I have a sister that is one of 'those'..I want to strangle her on occasion because of it..

I will report back when I have finished your tag :P
No, I'm not inherently a morning person... I am a whatever-the-schedule-calls-for person. Not inherently anything. I just stumble along. (Tho' in the gardening season it's a good thing to be)...
Can Al-Anons join the rule 62 club too?

I enjoyed so much learning about the "real" you. As it turns out, we DO have some interesting things in common, like love of music, the struggle for sobriety, and making room in life for sprituality, family and society. My bio for Sister Nancy was meant to be funny, or rather "in character," faithful to my nom de guerre. But here is the unvarnished truth:

I'm a 46 year old male, married x's 23 years with one daughter, age 13;

I do social work and advocate for children in appeals for a range of government entitlements and services;

I am a musician, composer, and arranger having released two CD's (see: and am working on a new album and rock opera;

I'm a Democrat, and a Christian - and godammit - I vote!;

I live in Alamo Heights, Texas.

Warmest regards,


p.s. shout out to Dusty, Pursey and Proud Patriot.
I live about four miles from you.
How fabulous! We should meet at Jim's for coffee.
It's the half way mark. ;)
I can vouch for Lulu's gardening expertise. When we met in the early 70's, she had a sprawling garden at her home in Laguna Beach.
We'd eat strawberries right off the vine, and once she went all the way to Northern California to pick up some gorgeous Italian cyprus trees.
Plants love her as much as she loves them.
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