Monday, June 18, 2007


Where All Republican Emails Go

I don't know what all the fuss is about. There are Republican emails in cyberspace, and what's more spacious than a black hole?

You America haters are so obvious. Didn't you ever hear of our right to privacy? Our unelected leaders, like Karl Rove, are entitled to no less privacy than Paris Hilton has when she wants to make pee pee.

I think all those irresponsible bloggers who keep whining about accountability in government ought to get a life. Hello, it's the government, for pete's sake. It's supposed to be dysfunctional! That's why God made corporations! Duh!

So the Republicans are just doing their part: trying to make sure we recognize the evil nature of government by keeping it evil so that we will be more enamored of private enterprise than ever. Maybe Halliburton can end up running our country, instead of just Iraq. That citizenship junk is too complicated for me.

In the meantime, don't come Paul Revere-ing to me about how the people who work in government are supposed to be practicing active transparancy and accountability. They need to have their dirty little secrets like the rest of us. After all, the activities of this administration strongly resemble making number two. You don't want to witness that, do you?

Now shut up and change the channel. I hear ABC has some terrorist news on.

Let's get scared! It's the new titillation.

You know, I never send e-mail at work that could be misconstrued if The Man intercepted it.
For the Bush branch of the GOP to conduct official government bidness via the RNC
e-mail system is just begging for a Congressional investigation.
Fortunately for BushCo, Congress seems unable to get past a demand for information, then when they are told no, they tuck their tails and run.
Trust me, we'll never get so much as a glimpse at the RNC e-mail, lost or not.
What are these people whining about? Don't they know that they have American Idol to keep up with, not all the to and fro secret government emails? sheesh. You are so right. GET A LIFE WHINERS! Go drive a Hummer. Suport the troops! Five or six semi-retarded men just graduated from Terrorisastc Islamoanaticaltist School, I SWEAR!!!
I am so thrilled that Karl Rove has been able to channel Rosemary Woods so well - I don't know about you, but not having Nixon to kick around anymore has made me sad.
I said "Yeehah!" one time on the telephone and I am sure they mistook it for "Jihad". I hear clicks on my cell all the time! Well, that's great-maybe they'll all learn something.
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