Saturday, June 30, 2007


Tony Blair Leaves 10 Downing Street

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has left 10 Downing Street and settled at Daisy Hill Puppy Farm.

Blair's move immediately caused controversy among some of the other dogs, since Daisy Hill specializes in Pomeranians, not poodles.

"He used his connections to get into Daisy Hill," sniffed Poomba, a white Pom who was taking the grievance public. "Snoopy got him in, and it's been years since Daisy Hill bred beagles. I absolutely hate that celebrity shit."

Nevertheless, Blair ignored the flap and pronounced himself satisfied with his new surroundings. "Here, I'm just another lapdog. There's really nothing wrong with that."

I love that smile on his face.
You are absolutely insane. In the nicest sense of the word. LOL!
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