Friday, June 15, 2007


Jesus Writes George a Pass

In a move sure to inspire millions of AAs all over the globe, George W. Bush sipped beer(s) during the G8 confab.

"Jesus said I could," said the President. "He's grateful to me for leverating Iraq and making its people free. Even if I fall off the wagon, all I have to do is tell him I'm sorry, and it's okay. I get to. Those are the rules."

Claiming a tummy ache, Bush skipped several afternoon meetings before returning for an evening cocktail party, where he attempted once again to give a massage to Angela Merkel.

"She wants it. I know she does, "he said.

Lulu Maude,

When he drinks alone, he likes to drink all by himself.

That way he doesn't have to share.
Do you think god believes him when he says he's sorry? If so, he'd be the only one. What did somebody say - how can you tell if Bush is lying? His lips are moving!
Bush really was pictured drinking beer? Okay if he's now doing it publicly, you gotta know he's doing it privately.
He's an admitted alcoholic and for him to obviously be drinking again is a bad sign indeed.
It's a disease and he's had a public relapse.
You think a dry drunk is bad? Watch what happens now that he's off the wagon.
Well, Zippie, he IS the Most Powerful Man in the World, so of course he gets to drink beer! Even if he's powerless over it!

The logic goes like this: He never joined AA and therefore never completed step one, which is to admit that our lives had become unmanageable because we were powerless over alcohol.

You don't join, you don't admit, and bingo! You aren't powerless over alcohol!

Get it?!?
But he doesn't believe he is powerless over beer. Or anything else.

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I were to see him at an AA meeting - would I be able to ignore what he does in life and be compassionate to the disease? I mean, I'm coming up on 19 years of sobriety, and I don't think I've got that sort of compassion at all!
Freaking idiot. Okay, I'm speechless.
well the photo op was careful to include that Chimpy the beer sipping tyrant was drinking a "near beer" i can tell you from experience. There is alcohol in it. One does feel it, especially if like the Chimp in Chief you are already likely medicated with Benzodiazapines. More to the point, if its "near beer" in public. We can absoulutely postive beyond any doubt it is real full on booze in private. Besides any adult who has been around the block once or twice can tell by his photos and words , half the time at least, the guy is stoned out of his gourd. And fact is there have numerous photos where he is drinking without the careful placement of a "near beer" brand. As eluded to above dry or wet drunk , this man is an ego maniac hell bent on advancing his agenda (the neo con agenda) no matter who dies.

It is highly doubtful he has any thing close to a normal conscience or will ever be able to take a personal moral inventory , let alone make amends. We as we know have a mad man in office - no better than any of the worst tyrants in the history of the world.
Near Beer, my ass.
Lulu described it perfectly-- no step one, no road to recovery.
Our culture is pretty pathetic when it would be seen as a weakness for a politician to belong to AA.
I see the world in two halves- those who should be in AA and those who should be in Alanon.
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