Friday, June 22, 2007


Cheney Explains Why His Office Isn't Part of the Executive Branch

Vice President Dick Cheney unveiled a governmental organization chart today to illustrate his contention that the Vice President's office's lack of relation to the Executive Branch. This lack of connection, Cheney continued, would exempt his office from the requirements for protecting classified information which is otherwise part of the accountability of the Executive Branch in its relation to the other branches of government.

Perhaps the Dickster is paving the way for a Scooter pardon. Perhaps by cutting himself loose from the Executive Branch he hopes to make himself difficult to find, if ever the impeachment wagon rolls into his neighborhood. Perhaps his heart medications are playing with his head, having found no heart in the man to medicate.

As always, the Vice President continues to entertain, if not our fancy, our incredulity.

Is this guy kidding?
And worse, though not surprisingly, Dubya backs him.
And he's purty too!
The book "the Peter Principle" should be reissued and distributed for free to the nation.
BushCo illustrates the principle better than anyone in history.
The author should add a new chapter using BushCo as a case study.
Indeed, it is a never ending source of incredulity. He is purty tool alright..of his party of ONE.
It takes a Democrat to explain the four branches of government. Cong. Rahm Emmanuel (D-IL) provides THIS graphic:
That flow chart certainly clarifies things immensely. Perhaps you'd like to bring the same level of lucidity to the meme thingy I tagged you with here. You're welcome!
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