Saturday, June 30, 2007


Cheney Adds Fifth Estate to Standings

Declaring that he hadn't had a decent interview in years, Dick Cheney interviewed himself today.

"As I have revealed in the last couple of weeks, I'm anything I want to be, with full privileges, of course. Now it's time to take a hands-on approach to the media."

Cheney held an interview with himself in a room he commandeered in the White House Press Center. "The great thing about joining the White House Press Corps is my First Amendment right not to reveal my sources," he said. "That just about wraps things up."

Cheney the older was interviewed by Cheney the younger. "It's nice to see my hair again," he said. "Really takes me back to when I was just a young guy knocking up Lynne to get out of the draft."

Gee, his head looks a lot larger without all that brown hair flying around.
His head IS a lot larger. Where's his crown?
He wears his crown around his colossal set of balls.
LMAO always know what to say!
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