Friday, June 08, 2007


Bush, Putin Rekindle Spiritual Connection

After scuffling briefly as to who would lead, President George Bush relaxed in the arms of Vladimir Putin and allowed himself to be waltzed around the Grand Ballroom at the G8 Summit Tea Dance.

"I thought that President Bush would prevail, but clearly, Putin's public remarks about him have put him at a disadvantage," commented an aide. "Given the tension between them, I was hoping that they would begin with an old fashioned wah-wah-tusi, but the orchestra played only waltzes, leading to the question of who would lead."

The slower dance gave the two a greater chance for intimacy, however. By the tune's end, they were said to be gazing deep into each other's souls.

The Decider turns out to be the Follower? I bet he's ruing the day he refused to take those ballroom dance classes Laura suggested.
I hope he doesn't puke on Vlad.
And vice versa.
Are you kiddin? I'd LOVE it if he puked on Vlad.
Well, there is a proud family tradition to uphold of puking on one's world-leader-type colleagues...
Yea, Putin stared into Bush's eyes and bored a whole through his empty soul. Bush is such a dipshit he never listened to Prince Bandar's advice about keeping his friends close and his enemies closer. Bush really thinks Putin is his friend. Jeesh.
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