Monday, May 07, 2007


Wolfowitz Seeks Asylum in One of Queen's Hats

Stung by the World Bank's judgment of his ethical lapses, Paul Wolfowitz has applied for and received refuge in one of Queen Elizabeth's hats.

"He just needs to get away for a while," confided an aide who hadn't resigned yet. "Nothing can offer the solitude of one of Her Majesty's chapeaus."

The Queen, who was in the U.S. to celebrate the destruction of the environment and native culture at Jamestown took pity on the beleaguered World Bank executive and offered him her gray topper.

"It was carefully selected," continued the aide. "Gray is a color of fog, of light mourning, of regret, of moral relativism, but not apology. Wolfowitz can continue to lash out at his critics without having to make eye contact."

Mr. Wolfowitz will remain secluded in the hat until he is affirmed by President Bush to be doing "a heck of a job" and awarded a Medal of Freedom.

He should have also borrowed one of her matching handbags. I'm just saying.
Karen Zipdrive sez:

I can't get the image of Wolfowitz spitting on his comb to freshen his 'do in the movie "Fahrenheit 9-11."
Queen E. won't want that hat back, not with wolf-o-spit marring the interior of it.
KZ errata:

I can't get the spit comb image out of my mind, that is.
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